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Special Needs Parent Makes Historic Auction Purchase as Investment to Secure Son’s Future Care

As I was driving this morning listening to NPR, I heard this story about a one-of-a-kind baseball card from the 1800’s that sold at auction for $92,000.

While incredulous at the price, and rapt at the history surrounding the piece, the most interesting part of the story was the reason that the buyer gave for the purchase—to ensure his special needs son’s future health care.

> Read the Portland Press article

While we all would love to have means at this level to help ensure our children’s future, we can ratchet it down to a more typical scenario and focus on his motivation, shared by all special needs families, which is that financial security, at whatever relative level, is critically important in caring for special needs children.  That is, obviously, more accessible to some than others, with some parents having to make huge sacrifices to gain that security.

I guess I just appreciate the buyer’s candor about his family situation and intent for the special needs message to be integral to this news story, and hope it helps build understanding in a broader audience to fuel empathy and support.


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Every word resonates


from the Huffington Post, January 18, 2013

Gabe’s Care Map: Cristin Lind, Mom, Illustrates What It Takes To Raise One Boy With Special Needs

Gabe's Care Map, by Cristin Lind

Gabe’s Care Map, by Cristin Lind



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Ensuring Civic Access for Persons with Disabilities

September 13, 2012, U.S. Department of Justice


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National Forum on Disability Issues

I know, I know…I said I was quiet now, but the election season is bringing some advocacy opportunities to the fore.

Important things you can do for disability advocacy from the comfort of your own home this week, to influence the election season and advance the civic dialogue for persons with disabilities:

#1 – Contact President Barack Obama and request that he attend and participate in the Forum

Click here for links and invitation templates

#2 – Register for the live Webcast

Visit the NFDI website to Register

#3 – Spread the word!  Post links to the NFDI and invitations on candidates’ Facebook pages, blog about it, etc.  Never forget that there’s power in unified numbers.


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USDOE Funds Centers that Support Parents of Students with Disabilities

from the White House Disability Group e-news, September 11, 2012

U.S. Department of Education Awards More than $9.8 Million to Fund Centers for Parents of Students with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced the award of more than $9.8 million in grants to 16 states to operate 25 Parent Training and Information (PTI) Centers for parents of students with disabilities. The Department also awarded $1.1 million to provide funding for 11 Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs) in nine states and Puerto Rico.

With the new grants, the Department now funds 101 information centers for parents of children and youth with disabilities. Every state has at least one PTI that assists parents as they work to ensure their children receive a free, appropriate public education as guaranteed by federal law. In addition, CPRCs provide services to underserved parents of children with disabilities in targeted communities throughout the country.

Continue reading at the following link: http://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/us-department-education-awards-more-98-million-fund-centers-parents-students-dis

Note: If you received this email as a forward but would like to be added to the White House Disability Group email distribution list, please visit our website athttp://www.whitehouse.gov/disability-issues-contact and fill out the “contact us” form in the disabilities section, or you can email us at disability@who.eop.gov and provide your full name, city, state, and organization.

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The Disability Policy Seminar, April 23-25, 2012

from The Arc

“During full day sessions April 23 and 24, you will have the opportunity to hear from leading public policy experts, disability advocates and Congressional staff discussing current key policies important to the disability community.  But on Wednesday, April 25, the real work is done when you will meet your Congressional delegation and deliver a unified message, in person with 500+ other advocates, that persons with disabilities must have equal opportunity to participate in our economy and society, and receive the necessary services and supports.”

Priority Topics to be discussed include:  Medicaid and Community Living, Federal Funding, Social Security, Employment and Education, Health Care, and Asset Development.

Who Should Attend?

  • Self-advocates;
  • Parents and family member of an individuals with disabilities;
  • Board members, staff, trainees, and volunteers for disability organizations;
  • State and local public policy committee members;
  • Public policy staff; or
  • Constituents

During this crucial election season, The Arc needs YOU in Washington, D.C. to help us build bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for high-priority disability issues. When you attend the Disability Policy Seminar, we’ll arm you with all of the information you need to help educate our Members of Congress and their staff on the priorities of the I/DD community. Then, you can return to your hometowns with the ability to spread the word, educate new advocates and reach out to the candidates to help put the needs of people with I/DD front and center on the campaign trail this year.

> Check the program schedule for a list of informative sessions about the issues important to you.

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Transitioning to Tomorrow: 2012 UCP Annual Conference, 4/25-28

from United Cerebral Palsy

“The only thing that’s certain about the future is that nothing is certain.  People with disabilities and those who care about their civil rights struggles have seen a dynamic sea change in everything from public benefits to public awareness of key issues in the disabilities space.

This year’s UCP Annual Conference will focus on the transition to a new approach for UCP, its allies and partners.  The conference coincides the unveiling of two new national initiatives for UCP.”

Read more at http://www.ucp.org/2012conference

April 25-28, 2012

Washington, D.C.

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