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California Childrens Services

from the San Francisco Chronicle, May 28, 2012


This article is just one expression of the terribly unjust situation we special needs families find ourselves facing in California.  The means cutoff Governor Brown is proposing for California Childrens Services medical therapies is laughable, and will leave thousands of middle and lower class children without the professional guidance and resources they need to flourish as independent members of society, and their families without alternatives for helping their children succeed.

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The Disability Policy Seminar, April 23-25, 2012

from The Arc

“During full day sessions April 23 and 24, you will have the opportunity to hear from leading public policy experts, disability advocates and Congressional staff discussing current key policies important to the disability community.  But on Wednesday, April 25, the real work is done when you will meet your Congressional delegation and deliver a unified message, in person with 500+ other advocates, that persons with disabilities must have equal opportunity to participate in our economy and society, and receive the necessary services and supports.”

Priority Topics to be discussed include:  Medicaid and Community Living, Federal Funding, Social Security, Employment and Education, Health Care, and Asset Development.

Who Should Attend?

  • Self-advocates;
  • Parents and family member of an individuals with disabilities;
  • Board members, staff, trainees, and volunteers for disability organizations;
  • State and local public policy committee members;
  • Public policy staff; or
  • Constituents

During this crucial election season, The Arc needs YOU in Washington, D.C. to help us build bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for high-priority disability issues. When you attend the Disability Policy Seminar, we’ll arm you with all of the information you need to help educate our Members of Congress and their staff on the priorities of the I/DD community. Then, you can return to your hometowns with the ability to spread the word, educate new advocates and reach out to the candidates to help put the needs of people with I/DD front and center on the campaign trail this year.

> Check the program schedule for a list of informative sessions about the issues important to you.

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Critical Advocacy for California Childrens Services Needed NOW


  • California families of children with disabilities and special health care needs
  • Californians who care about a child with a disability and/or special health care need
  • anyone and everyone!

California Childrens Services (CCS)—our statewide agency supporting children with special medical needs—is at great risk under Governor Brown’s proposed budget cuts.  There is no time to lose, as I understand that the legislature may consider these cuts as early as March 8th.

Us families of children with special needs are mostly exhausted and overwhelmed by the additional support we give our kids throughout the days, and the hoops we have to jump through to have them included in basic societal norms, but we must find a reserve of energy to begin advocating in an organized, rigorous fashion…or we’ll be more exhausted and overwhelmed having lost our external services and supports.

Please do two things now:

Sign the petition > http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/SaveCCS-therapy/

Distribute a personal letter See steps for letter-writing advocacy below:

  1. Write a letter, or modify and personalize highlighted portions of attached letter by a Santa Clara parent/advocate. Explain how the budget cuts will affect you, someone you care about, societal values, etc.’
  2. If relevant, include a picture of your child on or with the letter.
  3. Send and/or fax the letter to:
    1. all members of the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services (see attached contact list of addresses and fax #s)
    2. all members of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services (see attached contact list of addresses and fax #s)
    3. your state assemblymember and state senator (to find out names and contact info, type in your zip code at votesmart.org)
  4. Make a version of your letter that California friends and family can send on your family’s behalf.  (Make it easy for them by providing addressed stamped envelopes, or offering to pick-up and fax for them.)
  5. If your child can write his/her own letter, and/or has a sibling who can do so, that would be very effective.

For those unfamiliar with CCS, it is a state agency that provides essential, quality therapy,  health care, medical equipment and clinical oversight to children with certain diseases, physical limitations, and chronic medical problems.

The proposed drastic budget reduction to the medical therapy program will result in cutting at least 30% of the children who receive services, based on family income, and accordingly about 50% of CCS staff.  These cuts will not result in budget savings for the state, it will just shift the burden to other underfunded state agencies and leave some children out in the cold.  Regardless of income level, CCS services are a vital piece of enabling these children to succeed, thrive and fully participate in our communities.

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Register for 3/3 Information & Resource Conference: “Knowledge is Power”

…I love this year’s theme for the Support for Families of Children with Disabilities annual conference, “Knowledge is Power”.  So true, and so necessary to advocate and provide for our kids.

Saturday, March 3

Families, professionals, caregivers, service providers…everyone is welcome!

> Info
> Pre-Registration Required (Free) 
> Download PDF Brochure

This annual conference is fabulous…if you’re going to be anywhere near San Francisco on Saturday, and it’s relevant to your family or profession, I highly recommend attending.  Even if you choose not to attend the sessions, there are a number of informative exhibitors on the floor to wander through and chat with.

For SF public school families, this year’s keynote features SF Unified School District‘s new Assistant Superintendent of Special Education—Dr. Elizabeth Blanco—the first chance most of us will have to hear from her and meet her.  Welcome Dr. Blanco!  We look forward to working with you.  It’s my understanding that Dr. Blanco comes to us from Pasadena Unified, where she was Executive Director of Special Education since May 2010.

Regina Piper, SFUSD Supervisor of Elementary Special Education Services and my c0-chair of our district’s annual Inclusive Schools Week, will be leading a panel on inclusive schools with Deirdre Hayden from Support for Families.  Thank you Regina and Dee!

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