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Excellent reading for a rainy day from UCP

Today’s issue of UCP’s SmartBrief is chock full of interesting articles and news. I often just skim, but I found myself clicking lots of links to learn more today.

There’s a study debunking a myth about birth trauma and cerebral palsy, news of ability awareness days being introduced in more school communities, articles regarding special eduction, and much more.

Check it out!  >


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2013 Information & Resource Conference, San Francisco

Support for Families of Children with Disabilities is hosting their annual FREE conference day this Saturday, March 23rd.  There’s a keynote by SFUSD administration, morning and afternoon workshops, and a resource fair of organizations and programs that offer services and support.  Check it out!


> Information/To Register:

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How Parents Can Be Advocates for Their Children

Great general tips for parents of school-age children from the National Center for Learning Disabilities:

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Schools to open sports to disabled

January 25, 2013, USA Today

> Read the article

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1 week left until 2012 Inclusive Schools Week, 12/3-7!

Please comment and share your school’s plan…



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Encountering hurdles to inclusion

I’m writing to share a local parent’s very recent experience, and our communities suggestions to him, in the hopes that it helps parents elsewhere work through some of these issues. 

An inclusion parent in our district has been trying to work with his Principal to build inclusion resources at their school, and has been encountering a lot of resistance and apathy.

I hate to hear stories about this that center around Principals especially, as I firmly believe that it is a core part of our Principals responsibility as educators and leaders to proactively champion inclusive community.

This parent was thwarted on two fronts:  rejection by staff of an inclusion parent group that he started, and dismissal of his attempts to plan and implement Inclusive Schools Week (ISW) at his school.

Regarding the latter, I’ll comment, as a parent who has had sucess, that the idea of ISW is a nicely packaged tool to build inclusive schools. BUT, it also is not well known and therefore often is greeted with skepticism. It’s just another illustration of the fact that we parents are not only working hard to find a path for our kids’ success, but are having to be leaders and advocates for change in our schools and communities amidst a population with a large variance of understanding. As an example, our school district has been very sluggish in implementing ISW on a broader scale and instilling its importance, providing uninspiring resources too late in the game for schools to really plan and implement a program.

Due to the state of schools in the U.S. at this time, including a lack of adequate professional development around inclusion, all of this requires positive parent involvement—including strategic planning, volunteer hours, cohort building, teacher support, etc.—to make it happen and give it legs to grow.

Here’s the advice our struggling friend has been given to date—please feel free to comment with other constructive thoughts.

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2(ish) weeks until Inclusive Schools Week

…what’s your school’s plan for 2012 Inclusive Schools Week, 12/3-7?

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