This blog was born out of my work in San Francisco as an advocate for inclusive schools (not to mention an inclusive world at large)…inspired by my very charismatic youngster and his peers.

I am an elementary inclusion parent who has volunteered with our school district to plan and realize Inclusive Schools Week, as a catalyst to build welcoming school communities year-round. In December 2010 I organized the Mayoral Proclamation establishing San Francisco Inclusive Schools Week at City Hall, in line with national Inclusive Schools Week. At our school I established and lead a robust Inclusive Schools Week each year, and am a resource to other inclusion familes. 

I imagine this blog will stray from inclusive education to inclusion at large.  It’s all relevant.

Please feel free to be in touch to share resources and connections. 

– Catherine


One response to “About

  1. Hi Catherine,
    I’m the Education Manager at the Children’s Creativity Museum in SF. I would love to talk with you more about ways in which we can be more inclusive in our museum. I also wanted to see if you would be interested in coming to talk to some of our floor staff about inclusion. Very inspired by your blog and I’d love to connect!

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