Please voice concern at Disney’s Proposed Change to Guest Services for the Disabled


Disney is proposing to discontinue their Guest Services Card for people with disabilities this October, in reaction to fraudulent and exploitative use by a few affluent folks trying to game the system (there are articles in the press regarding this if you wish to know more.)

Please consider lending your voice to the concern over this right now.  
There are thousands of kids and adults with disabilities that would no longer be able to access all the parks have to offer should this move forward. Not only would the parks cease to provide accessible solutions to the lines and rides, they would be requiring people with disabilities to jump through a ton of red tape, having to register, and then only go on each ride one time at a pre-scheduled time.  Just what we need, more logistics and rigamarole…

What can you do?

1. Sign this petition:

2. Pass on the word…you can send the petition link via FACEBOOK, EMAIL, TEXT, TWITTER, TUMBLR, other blogs, etc.

Changing to a more secure system makes sense if need be, but getting rid of the pass is ridiculous, and could set a precedent that I find very scary.

Time is critical and of the essence. We already have more than 10,000 supporters from only two days. So, together, we can do great things in the days to come. A bit of additional help from you is requested to make sure we secure as many more signatures as possible to make an unavoidable impression that cannot be ignored.  We will show how significantly this change will not only impact our families and special needs community but also other families with typical functioning indiviudals as well as the Disney company itself.  We want Disney to instead revamp or create a more secure system vs.doing away with the existing needed support altogether. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE and share even more. Lets get our numbers way up before this October in the hopes that our petition will be featured and possibly receive media coverage to ensure we get the attention we need to stop the removal of the accommodation!   I am confident that when enough of us show the real and true need, that the course of action will be changed!  Thank you so much for your support – Kim McClain, Mom to Camille and Special Education Advocate



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